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Skills We Work On



Children will be experiencing new things and learning through play. They will be discovering the world around them, how to play with other children, how to communicate and through all of this they will be gaining skills needed for healthy development while having fun!



You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.

           Dr Seuss


-To recognize objects, people, and self

-To imitate actions of others

-To develop decision-making capabilities

-To develop problem-solving skills

-To develop language skills

- To develop early reading and writing skills

-To develop planning skills

-To develop math skills such as matching, pairing, and sorting

-To enhance creativity

-To begin to understand scientific and physical concepts and math concepts such as, cause and effect, balance, size, shape, and color.


-To be able to express feelings

-To develop a concept of self

-To develop self-control

-To develop self-understanding

-To develop a positive self-image

-To develop the ability to stick with a task to completion

-To acquire social skills

-To cooperate with others

-To respect materials

-To respect other people

-To appreciate and value differences

- To learn how to share and work with others



-To refine sensory abilities

-To develop large muscle abilities

-To develop small muscle abilities

-To develop eye-hand coordination

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